Investment Criteria

We primarily seek to partner with management teams to make investments in growth focused businesses with an established track record of success. Utilizing a generalist investment strategy, we have particular interest in situations with the following characteristics:

•  Proven business model
•  Sustainable and defendable franchise
•  Strong return on invested capital
•  Strong free cash flow generation with opportunities for reinvestment
•  Ability to add value operationally or via acquisition/organic growth
•  Catalyst for value creation
•  Alignment of incentives with the operating team

Preferred Investment Types

Buy-and-Build Opportunities: Provide capital to companies in fragmented industries to support a stronger competitive position through strategic acquisitions.

Mid to Late Stage Growth Capital: Provide capital to businesses with a solid market opportunity and a proven product or service to substantially expand their market presence.

Special Situations: Provide equity for creative transaction structures including structured minority investments, mezzanine investments, distressed debt investments or private investments in public companies.

Representative Sector Focus Areas

•  Water resources and infrastructure services
•  Education
•  Healthcare services
•  Specialty manufacturing
•  Business services
•  Financial services